The Owners

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George and Dan are the owners of Gaijin Izakaya in Zurich and Old Inn is their newest restaurant. Intrigued by the explosion of Gastropubs in the UK and because of their love for elevated comfort food, they decided to open Old Inn. 

In this journey, they are joined by Tristan Jaensch, who has been working with them in many different capacities both at Gaijin and IYKYK. Tristan takes the reigns as the head chef of Old Inn and hopes to take classic dishes and elevate them with his culinary creativity.


Meet our team

Careers @ old inn

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At Old Inn, we aim to provide a great work environment where everybody is given the opportunity to shine and grown within our company.

We try to treat our employees as family and we always embrace those with a thirst for knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit. Feel free to send your CV and application at 


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